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The Company

SIMPLEX IT operates in Greece since 1990 and specializes:

  •     In placing the largest branded computer products and telecommunications.

  •     In the integrated supply Services of technical support.

  •     Providing rental services for PCs, Laptops, Projectors and office equipments.

With continuous improvement of the structures and the procedures of responding to the needs of its customers, both in the public and private sectors and end users / consumers, has become a reference point in the IT industry.

Simplex is a company that has a clear and effective business model, and this is clearly reflected in achieving its objectives.

The organizational structure is designed to establish relationships with its customers on long-term.

The company aims to make the access and use of new technology affordable and easy to every customer,  using the methods, tools and infrastructures that are reliable, consistence and mutual trust.

Our people dedicate the necessary time in order to understand the customer’s needs and recommend the most appropriate products and services. This approach underlines the responsibility of the company to provision of support services for high-tech products, building trust and ensuring customer loyalty.

The main axes which SIMPLEX operates are:

  •     Design and implement integrated solutions.

  •     Offer technical support and provision of services to high-tech products.

  •     Install and support networks.

  •     Sales computer systems and high-tech products.

  •     Organizes conferences and supports rental  computer systems and peripherals

SIMPLEX in 26 years of successful presence in the area of Hi-Tech companies, continually redefines the notions of reliability, stability, flexibility, and the immediate and quality support based on its customers’ needs.

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